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Re: RE:Need Help: Can not use Ticks under PolarPlot

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  • Subject: [mg71422] Re: [mg71397] RE:Need Help: Can not use Ticks under PolarPlot
  • From: Bob Hanlon <hanlonr at>
  • Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2006 04:31:04 -0500 (EST)
  • Reply-to: hanlonr at

You are drawing unit circles. All of the ticks that you asked for are outside of the default PlotRange. You would need to extend the PlotRange.


      PolarPlot[Cos[x],{x,Pi/2,3 Pi/2},

Bob Hanlon

---- abdou.oumaima at wrote: 
> First of All, I want to thank Mr Jean Marc Guillet and Mr Bob Hanlon for their help in my last post. 
> Now I need to perfom my graphic presentation by using Ticks under PolarPlot as follow:
> Needs["Graphics`"];
> ShowLegend[DisplayTogether[PolarPlot[Sin[x], {x, -Pi/2, Pi/2}, PlotStyle -> 
>       Hue[0.6]], PolarPlot[Cos[x], {x, Pi/2, 3 Pi/2}, PlotStyle -> Hue[0.8]], 
>         Ticks -> {{-Pi/2, 0, Pi/2, Pi, 3 Pi/2}, Automatic}, DisplayFunction -> Identity], {{{ Hue[0.6], "Sin(x)"}, {Hue[0.8], "Cos(x)"}}, LegendPosition -> {1.1, .2}, LegendSize -> {.8, .4}}];
> I need seeing in x Axe -Pi/2, 0, Pi/2, Pi, 3P/2. Please how can I achieve this?!
> Any suggestions will be very welcommmmmmmmmmmm.
> Cheers.
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