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Re: Input, output troubles me ...

luigirmailbox-mathematica at wrote:
> Thanks for your quick and useful replies!
> Now it works fine but still a point rimanes to be fixed up.
> As far as I see, Write has no options, so how can I prevent
> Mathematica from enclosing each row of the output file between
> quotes ?
> Best regards.

You can change the format of the expressions either for the whole file 
(see example below) or on an expression basis by enclosing the 
expression with a wrapper function such as, say, TexForm, etc. Section 
2.12.3, "Advanced Topic: Streams and Lowâ??Level Input and Output," of 
/The Mathematica Book/ explains all of these points in details [1].

stream1 = OpenRead["c:\\temp\\inputFile.txt"];
stream2 = OpenWrite["c:\\temp\\outputFile.txt",
     FormatType -> OutputForm];

dummy = Read[stream1, "String"];
While[dummy =!= EndOfFile,
   If[dummy != "a", Write[stream2, dummy]];
    dummy = Read[stream1, "String"]; ]




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