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Weird (but reproducible) screen display glitch: \[ImaginaryI] appears as just "i"

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  • Subject: [mg70560] Weird (but reproducible) screen display glitch: \[ImaginaryI] appears as just "i"
  • From: AES <siegman at>
  • Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 03:23:29 -0400 (EDT)
  • Organization: Stanford University

The weird behavior is that when I run the following inputs the 
"\[ImaginaryI]" character associated with the "I (g/h^2)" in Input[2] 
displays inside the Sqrt symbol in Output[2] as the expected Mathematica 
"ii" symbol that looks like two lower case i's squished together under a 
single dot -- but the same character in the same place (under the 
radical) in Output[3] appears only as (what sure seems to be) a 
**single** lower-case "i" -- while the "I k" terms in Input[3] display 
with the proper \[ImaginaryI] character.


In[2]:=f= Sqrt[1+I (g/h^2)]

Out[2]=\!\(\@\(1 + \(\[ImaginaryI]\ g\)\/h\^2\)\)

In[3]:=rho=(-f+I k)/(f+I k)

Out[3]=\!\(\(\(-\@\(1 + \(\[ImaginaryI]\ g\)\/h\^2\)\) + \[ImaginaryI]\ 
k\)\/\(\@\(1 \+ \(\[ImaginaryI]\ g\)\/h\^2\) + \[ImaginaryI]\ k\)\)

This is at least semi-reproducible:  It remained when I copied the 
offending lines from the place where I had first noticed it (where I was 
using symbols other than f, g, h) and pasted them into a new notebook.  
It remained when I re-typed the new example shown here into a fresh 
notebook.  **It goes away if I just use "I g" instead of "I (g/h^2)" in 
Input[2] -- and comes back when I restore the "/h^2".**  It remained 
after shutting down Mathematica and re-opening it.

Oh, and if I use the FrontEnd "Copy Output from Above" menu command just 
below Output[3], the Input[4] that is created displays properly -- **but 
if I execute it the Output[4] is again wrong**.

A font problem of some sort, maybe?

[Mathematica 5.1 on Mac iBook G4, OS 10.3.9]

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