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Re: Programming style: postfix/prefix vs. functional

On Oct 20, 2006, at 5:21 AM, Will Robertson wrote:

> Hello,
> As a newcomer to Mathematica, I'm a little unsure on what "good style"
> would be in this programming language. I notice that several functions
> have prefix and postfix notations such as //. for ReplaceRepeated, /@
> for Map, and so on.
> Clearly using these forms makes the code more compact, but sacrifices
> some level of readability. Are there guidelines or suggestions that
> have built up over the years of whether these are "good" or "bad" to
> use?
> If it's simply personal preference, what do you like to use?
> --
> Many thanks,
> Will Robertson

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You have to learned it ALL :)


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