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Re: Problem in loading packages in Mathematica

dimmechan at wrote:
> Amit you did a very common mistake for beginners
> You use the ( ' ) key  instead of the correct (`) key!
> Try the following command and everything is ok.
> << Statistics`NormalDistribution`
> Following also one of the invaluable suggestions of David Park
> I recomend you to use the following command in order to load the
> package.
> Needs["Statistics'NormalDistribution`"]

I believe that in newer versions of Mathematica (certainly 5.x, maybe 
earlier),  loading a package with <<  does exactly the same thing as 
Needs, and there is no problem with loading twice the way there used to 
be. I have had problems getting Needs to work on some systems, and have 
gone over completely to << with no problems whatsoever.

(And oops, look at your typing error in your example of Needs -- you 
made the same mistake you were helping Amit to fix!)

Helen Read
University of Vermont

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