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RE: Mathmatica StyleSheet questions

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  • Subject: [mg69212] RE: Mathmatica StyleSheet questions
  • From: "David Park" <djmp at>
  • Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2006 18:41:26 -0400 (EDT)
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The way to modify a style sheet is to start with a DefaultStyle notebook,
bring up the style sheet with Menu->Format->Edit Style Sheet. Then save the
style sheet in your FrontEnd/StyleSheets folder under a new name.

Then modify the style sheet directly. What I usually do is to find the cell
or style type and display the underlying cell expression by using
Shift-Ctrl-E (or use the menu item.) Then I add or modify options at the
end, say by adding


in the Text cell to increase the font size. Then I use Shift-Ctrl-E again to
get back to the regular display. You can also make some changes to the cell
style by selecting the cell bracket and using the Format menu, but I prefer
to work with the underlying expression. After I've made all the changes I
save the style sheet notebook. If you have stored it in the right place it
should appear in your Menu->Format->StyleSheets listing.

I never use the OptionInspector to change a style sheet and didn't even know
you could do it.

I have never used DisplayFormula and haven't figured out what it is good
Nor do I know what good the Outline cell types are good for. Nor have I ever
figured out how the 2ColumnBox in 'Styles from HelpBrowser' is used.

You can use InlineCells within Text cells for word processing type
equations. Start a text cell and use Ctrl-( to open an InlineCell. Then type
your mathematical expression and use Ctrl-) to exit the InlineCell.

I always try as much as possible to have all the mathematics 'active' and
use as little 'word processing mode' as possible. It is very worthwhile to
lean in that direction.

Others might give you additional information.

David Park
djmp at

From: Benoît Carmichael [mailto:benoit.carmichael at]
To: mathgroup at

Mr. Park,

I sent earlier this week a few questions on StyleSheets to the
MathGroup. For a reason that I do not understand my mail was not pass on
to the list.

Given that you often comment on these types of questions, I take the
liberty to write you directly, hoping that you can spare a few moments
on my problem.

Here is the text of my mail:

"Up to now, I have been using mathematica mostly to do computations
without concerned on output visual aspects.

Lately, I have try to use mathematica as a document editing tool, mostly
to prepare class notes and slide shows for my students.

I am not a «StyleSheet Guru» and I am having difficulties to comprehend
the «big picture» of StyleSheets.

Are there good references (ideally free) on the subject?

Of more immediate concerned, how do we set the same font type for all
cells of a Notebook? Is it enough to modify the Style Environment Names
of the Notebook StyleSheet with the Options inspector? Or do we have to
go cell type by cell type of the StyleSheet file?

DisplayFormula cells give me particular difficulties. Eventhough I have
set font type for DisplayFormula with the Options inspector in my
stylesheet, Mathematica keep insisting in using Courier New. I have
looked through my StyleSheet and could not locate the reference on
Courier New font. Where can I force Mathematica to use my preferred type
font for DisplayFormula? Are there hidden options?

Also, how can we override with global settings all cells of a Notebook
that have been set locally?

Many thanks in advance."

How to override local setting would be particularly useful?

Ounce again, many thanks for your time.

Benoît Carmichael
Professeur titulaire
Département d'économique
Pavillon J.-A. de Sève
Université Laval
Québec (P.Q)
G1K 7P4
Tél.: (418) 656-2131 #5442

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protégés. Il s'adresse au destinataire prévu ou à une personne autorisée
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