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Re: RE: Mathmatica StyleSheet questions

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: [mg69226] Re: [mg69212] RE: Mathmatica StyleSheet questions
  • From: "Chris Chiasson" <chris at>
  • Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2006 01:39:14 -0400 (EDT)
  • References: <>
  • Sender: owner-wri-mathgroup at

DisplayFormula is just type of cell for holding a nicely formatted
formula that won't be executed, AFAIR.

The Courier font is probably being inherited from the definition of
StandardForm. I ran across that bit of info when I was contemplating
creating a DocBookStyleSheet (lol) that I could reference when
exporting expressions (wrapped in Notebook & Cell & BoxData & ToBoxes,
because that's so obvious when reading the documentation...)

On 9/1/06, David Park <djmp at> wrote:
> Benoît,
> The way to modify a style sheet is to start with a DefaultStyle notebook,
> bring up the style sheet with Menu->Format->Edit Style Sheet. Then save the
> style sheet in your FrontEnd/StyleSheets folder under a new name.
> Then modify the style sheet directly. What I usually do is to find the cell
> or style type and display the underlying cell expression by using
> Shift-Ctrl-E (or use the menu item.) Then I add or modify options at the
> end, say by adding
> FontSize->14
> in the Text cell to increase the font size. Then I use Shift-Ctrl-E again to
> get back to the regular display. You can also make some changes to the cell
> style by selecting the cell bracket and using the Format menu, but I prefer
> to work with the underlying expression. After I've made all the changes I
> save the style sheet notebook. If you have stored it in the right place it
> should appear in your Menu->Format->StyleSheets listing.
> I never use the OptionInspector to change a style sheet and didn't even know
> you could do it.
> I have never used DisplayFormula and haven't figured out what it is good
> for!
> Nor do I know what good the Outline cell types are good for. Nor have I ever
> figured out how the 2ColumnBox in 'Styles from HelpBrowser' is used.
> You can use InlineCells within Text cells for word processing type
> equations. Start a text cell and use Ctrl-( to open an InlineCell. Then type
> your mathematical expression and use Ctrl-) to exit the InlineCell.
> I always try as much as possible to have all the mathematics 'active' and
> use as little 'word processing mode' as possible. It is very worthwhile to
> lean in that direction.
> Others might give you additional information.
> David Park
> djmp at
> From: Benoît Carmichael [mailto:benoit.carmichael at]
To: mathgroup at
> Mr. Park,
> I sent earlier this week a few questions on StyleSheets to the
> MathGroup. For a reason that I do not understand my mail was not pass on
> to the list.
> Given that you often comment on these types of questions, I take the
> liberty to write you directly, hoping that you can spare a few moments
> on my problem.
> Here is the text of my mail:
> "Up to now, I have been using mathematica mostly to do computations
> without concerned on output visual aspects.
> Lately, I have try to use mathematica as a document editing tool, mostly
> to prepare class notes and slide shows for my students.
> I am not a «StyleSheet Guru» and I am having difficulties to comprehend
> the «big picture» of StyleSheets.
> Are there good references (ideally free) on the subject?
> Of more immediate concerned, how do we set the same font type for all
> cells of a Notebook? Is it enough to modify the Style Environment Names
> of the Notebook StyleSheet with the Options inspector? Or do we have to
> go cell type by cell type of the StyleSheet file?
> DisplayFormula cells give me particular difficulties. Eventhough I have
> set font type for DisplayFormula with the Options inspector in my
> stylesheet, Mathematica keep insisting in using Courier New. I have
> looked through my StyleSheet and could not locate the reference on
> Courier New font. Where can I force Mathematica to use my preferred type
> font for DisplayFormula? Are there hidden options?
> Also, how can we override with global settings all cells of a Notebook
> that have been set locally?
> Many thanks in advance."
> How to override local setting would be particularly useful?
> Ounce again, many thanks for your time.
> --
> Benoît Carmichael
> Professeur titulaire
> Département d'économique
> Pavillon J.-A. de Sève
> Université Laval
> Québec (P.Q)
> G1K 7P4
> Tél.: (418) 656-2131 #5442
> Avis relatif à la confidentialité:
> ===================
> Ce message contient des renseignements qui peuvent être confidentiels ou
> protégés. Il s'adresse au destinataire prévu ou à une personne autorisée
> à le recevoir en son nom.  Si vous l'avez reçu par erreur, nous vous
> prions d'en informer l'auteur dans les meilleurs délais, de ne pas
> divulguer son contenu et de le supprimer de votre système.
> ===================


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