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Re: comboboxes and paste to notebook

The last part of number two sounds like OutputForm. OutputForm does
not generate boxes, or even correct Mathematica syntax. It is good for
"typeset" display on terminals.

On 9/3/06, Akane Tendo <akane at> wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm having two problems with GUIKit, probably because I don't know a thing
> about Java, and if you know the solution to any of:
> 1 - I have 3 comboboxes, say A, B and C. Combobox A has a BindEvent
> (action): each item selected changes the list of items of combobox B. Now,
> combobox B (wich list of items depends on the item selected on A), also
> changes the items on combobox C through a BindEvent (action), the same way A
> does on B... This on the comboboxes, but the rest of the GUI doesn't work
> (loading of packages). It works if I put the BindEvent of B on another
> widget, like a button, so I would like to know if anyone knows a way to
> avoid using external widgets and to have the lists of items adjust itselves
> automatically.
> 2 - Is possible to send to a notebook a Mathematica expression (with
> sub/superscripts, fractions, squareroots, etc...) from a widget? So far, the
> result I get is always a distorted form of the expression, with powers in
> different lines, fractions represented by a line of "---", etc.
> Thank you for your help,
> Lúcia


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