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2nd attempt at post with corrected code

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  • Subject: [mg69274] 2nd attempt at post with corrected code
  • From: "T Harris" <tdh1967 at>
  • Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 05:30:36 -0400 (EDT)
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I have tried everything I know to get this code to look as it does in the 
notebook.  I can't do it.  However, once it is copied and pasted in a 
notebook, it works on my machine and looks like it originally did.  If it 
doesn't work for anyone else, thanks for the try.  I can't remove my last 
message.  This is my second attempt at this.  I am sorry others have tried 
and been unable to help because of missing code.  If it doesn't work now, 
thanks, and I won't try again to repost this.  There should be three parts 
to the code.  If there is any type of error, please forget about it. 

The two questions I had were (1) How do I find the planar area of the 
ellipsoid? and (2) How do I identify what plane it plots out on?

\!\(\(Clear[perpframe, r];\)\n
  \(r = Random[Real, {\[Pi]\/4, \[Pi]\/2}];\)\n
  \(s = Random[Real, {0, \[Pi]\/2}];\)\n
  \(\(t = Random[Real, {\(-\(\[Pi]\/2\)\), \[Pi]\/2}];\)\(\n\)
  \(\({perpframe[1], perpframe[2],
        perpframe[3]} = {{Cos[r]\ Cos[t] - Cos[s]\ Sin[r]\ Sin[t],
          Cos[t]\ Sin[r] + Cos[r]\ Cos[s]\ Sin[t],
          Sin[s]\ Sin[t]}, {\(-Cos[s]\)\ Cos[t]\ Sin[r] - Cos[r]\ Sin[t],
          Cos[r]\ Cos[s]\ Cos[t] - Sin[r]\ Sin[t],
          Cos[t]\ Sin[s]}, {Sin[r]\ Sin[s], \(-Cos[r]\)\ Sin[s],
  \(ranger = 1.0;\)\n
  \(frameplot =
          Arrow[perpframe[k], Tail \[Rule] {0, 0, 0},
            VectorColor \[Rule] Indigo], {k, 1, 3}],
        Graphics3D[Text["\<perpframe[1]\>", 0.5\ perpframe[1]]],
        Graphics3D[Text["\<perpframe[2]\>", 0.5\ perpframe[2]]],
            0.5\ perpframe[3]]], \[IndentingNewLine]Axes3D[ranger],
        PlotRange \[Rule] {{\(-ranger\), ranger}, {\(-ranger\),
              ranger}, {\(-ranger\), ranger}}, Boxed \[Rule] False,
        Axes \[Rule] True, ViewPoint \[Rule] CMView,
        AxesLabel \[Rule] {"\<x\>", "\<y\>", "\<z\>"}];\)\)


{xstretch,ystretch,zstretch} = {1.5,0.8,0};
{slow,shigh} = {0,Pi};
{tlow,thigh} = {0,2 Pi};

hungellipsoidplot =
    ParametricPlot3D[  xstretch   Sin[s]  Cos[t]  perpframe[1] +
                       ystretch  Sin[s] Sin[t]  perpframe[2] +
                       zstretch  Cos[s]perpframe[3], {s,slow,shigh},{t,tlow,


setup =Show[hungellipsoidplot,frameplot,Axes3D[ranger],


Show[setup,ViewPoint->12 perpframe[1]]; 

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