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why does not the Mathematica kernel seem to 'multi-task' between computations in different windows?


Sometime I start some computation in one window which can take few minutes 
to half an hour or more.

It seems anything I type meanwhile in a second window does not get processed 
until the first computation is completed.

The computation does have 'Print[]' statements in it for debugging, so it is 
not completely CPU bound, and I would think that one should be able to do 
someone work in the second window meanwhile even if it might be slower to 

It seems that the Mathematica kernel can't be preempted at all once it 
starts a computation, even if I/O calls are being made.

Right now, once I start something, I can't use Mathematica at all until the 
computation is over because the kernel is busy. (Except it seems I am able 
to do File->Save ok while it is busy)

Sometimes I start a second copy of Mathematica, but the limit is 2 instances 
and I do not have lots of RAM.  I also wonder if this limit should be 
increased to say 5.

I guess it is time for me to go buy a PC with those Intel new chips the 
core2 with lots of RAM as I spend too much time now waiting for something to 


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