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Re: Showing the points on a surface about a circle in the plane

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  • Subject: [mg74894] Re: Showing the points on a surface about a circle in the plane
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  • Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2007 05:18:27 -0400 (EDT)
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On Apr 9, 5:19 am, Jean-Marc Gulliet <jeanmarc.gull... at>
> ahal... at wrote:
> > What I would like to do with Plot3D and ParametricPlot3D is show a
> > surface in three dimensions, a circle in the plane and the points on
> > the surface above the circle.  This is what I have in mind where I
> > have a square in the plane.  I simply don't know of a way to handle
> > the circle.  If there were am ImplicitPlot3D, I can think so some
> > options.
> > I am not sure how to send code so that it is readable so I am simply
> > pasting as is.
> [snip]
> You should use the *InputForm*  when copying an expression from a
> Mathematica notebook to an email client. To do so, select the cell(s)
> you want to include in your email, then within the *Cell* menu select
> either *Convert To* or *Display As* and choose *InputForm*. Finally,
> copy and paste as usual.
> Also, you may be interesting in installing Ingolf Dahl's "SetFaceAndFont
> Palette," which, among many other useful things, provides a
> "CopyAsInputFormK button, for copying code with formatting removed."
> See
> Regards,
> Jean-Marc
> P.S. Here the description of the palette from the web site:
> "SetFaceandFont Palette. a Mathematica palette with many functions: Five
> font change buttons to common font choices (those used in Help)
> Font size buttons, font face buttons, font color buttons and background
> color buttons.
> Search buttons, for searching the Online Mathematica help, the MathGroup
> (and Wiki-webMathematica) and the whole web (including your own desktop,
> if you have Google Desktop with Wolfram Notebook Indexer installed).
> Just select some words and press the button...
> Bracketing buttons to add different brackets around the selection.
> A list item duplicator button, which duplicates the selection with a
> comma inserted in between. This button can also be used after
> interactive choice of points in a plot (See menu item Get Graphics
> Coordinates...) or be used to duplicate cells.
> A "peel" button to remove brackets (of almost any kind), with the
> separate ability to turn cells into text cells with text as TextData. It
> eliminates the annoying reformatting when you delete one quote or
> bracket and suddenly lose sight of the matching partner.
> A rewritten CopyAsInputFormK button, for copying code with formatting
> removed. Embedded InvisibleSpace? No problems, it is converted to a
> usual visible one,
> And if all your spaces have been transformed into multiplication signs,
> there is a button for that...
> Help function, integrated into the Mathematica help."

This is great.  Thanks.

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