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RE: Printing Notes

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  • Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2007 05:09:05 -0400 (EDT)
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Hi Geoff,

> Hey, I've been typing up math notes in Mathematica since it's 
> way better than things like Word with Equation Editor.  My 
> basic style is I'll use a Mathematica "Section" for a new 
> chapter, a "Subsection" for a new section, and "Text" for 
> theorems and definitions and all the rest, that is the actual notes.
> I starting printing on some on a Windows machine and it 
> worked alright but it left a bit to be desired.  I later 
> printed on a Linux machine just 'cause I was there and it 
> turned out that it printed just how I wanted without me doing 
> anything (so far as I know).  The problem is, I just tried 
> printing some other notes on the Linux and it didn't print 
> how I wanted, it didn't print like the last notes.  So, my 
> question is, is there a way to get it to print the way I want 
> it to print?
> The way I would like it to print is as follows:
> Every new chapter (Mathematica "Section") would start on a new page.
> New sections (Mathematica "Subsection") do not need to start 
> on a new page, but if all that is going to print is the 
> section title at the end of a page, it'd be nice if it waited 
> until the next page to start that.

See below for this ...

> No cells get split between pages unless it is absolutely 
> necessary, for example, an extremely long cell that takes up 
> a whole page by itself.  On the notes I just printed, a cell 
> that is not that long split right in half, about 5 lines on 
> the bottom of one page and about 5 on the top of the next.  
> It wouldn't have been a huge blank space to just wait to 
> print that whole cell on the next page.
> Yes, I realize I can manually do this by printing selections 
> and all, but it's a lot of work, especially when I'm printing 
> many pages.  And, the printer I am using prints two sided so 
> I'd have to get one page printed correctly, then stick it 
> back in the printer and have it print the next page 
> correctly.  I prefer the two-sided prints because it keeps my 
> notes thinner and allows for more storage per space.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

AKAIK, You'll need to modify the style sheet you use to accomplish this.  I
suggest copying it first before breaking something.

Open the appropriate style sheet for editing (Format->Edit style sheet->edit
shared ...).  Find the section "Styles for headings and open it.  In this
section, fully open the prototype for "Section" styles.  Move to the
"Printout" section and show the cell expression (Ctrl-Shift-e).  Insert
"PageBreakAbove->True, " after one of the commas, convert the cell back &

You should be able to check that your change worked by looking at your
notebook in the Printout environment (Format->Screen style->Printout).

For other cells, while in the printout environment, you'll need to manually
set page breaks.  You can do this with the cell expression as above, or, if
you like clicking things, you can get to where you need to be using the
Options Inspector.



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