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Re: Reading Coordinates from Plot

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  • Subject: [mg80118] Re: Reading Coordinates from Plot
  • From: "David Park" <djmpark at>
  • Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 04:29:07 -0400 (EDT)
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The new DrawGraphics for Version 6, which isn't quite out yet but I'm 
working on it, has two routines that allow you to copy coordinates off 2D 
plots. It uses the defined structure of the Draw2D command (for drawing all 
2D plots). Then to get coordinates one just applies LocatorDraw to the 
Draw2D statement:

LocatorDraw at Draw2D[.....]

and a Locator is inserted in the plot with the coordinates displayed below 
the plot. One can then just copy off the coordinates and insert them into 
various statements in the plot. When you are finished simply delete the 
LocatorDraw@. Similarly LocatorLine[n] at Draw2D[...] will add a line of n 
Locators to the plot, whose coordinates will be copied.

David Park
djmpark at

"jrc" <jrchaff at> wrote in message news:f9mqlv$ri0$1 at
> Hello,
> Apparently v6.0.1 no longer has the mouse functionality that
> enables one to easily read coordinates from a plot. In v5.2
> and before (as mentioned in several books such as Navigator),
> one could select the plot by clicking on it, then hold down
> CTRL key and move the mouse to read coordinates. In v6.0.1
> this does not work. Nor can I find any equivalently convenient
> functionality.
> This is one example, by the way, of the deficiencies of the new
> "Help" system. It seems to provide an entry only into a list of
> Mathematica symbols, with very little guidance as to what
> functionality is available. Searching under many combinations
> of 'mouse', 'plot', and even 'read coordinates', I see nothing
> useful except oblique references to the new 'manipulate' function.
> Looking under 'manipulate' documentation brings one to a complicated,
> new system, which takes time to digest. In a short look (half hour)
> I find nothing relevant to reading coordinates from a plot. The
> Dynamic MousePosition function seems to get partway there, but seems
> only to output screen coordinates - not very useful. Is it really
> necessary to go to this obtuse new system to regain the easy reading
> of coordinates via mouse???
> John Chaffer

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