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Re: Re: how draw box with open front

Aside from the limitation I describe in a separate reply about my need 
to scale one dimension, this method has the same defect I described in 
[mg83811]:  spurious artifacts of grid lines across the faces when I 
export the graphic to EPS.

Yves Klett wrote:
> Murray Eisenberg schrieb:
>> In Mathematica 6, what's the best way to draw a convincing box 
>> (rectangular parallelepiped) with an open front?
>> Of course I tried Cuboid, but no matter how I try to treat the faces, it 
>> still looks like the front is solid, too.
> Hi Murray,
> perhaps I am missing something, but why not use a set of Polygons as faces?
> For example:
> Normal[PolyhedronData["Cube"]][[1, 1]]
> Most[%] // Graphics3D
> shows a cube with one face removed in V6.
> Regards,
> Yves

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