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Re: Help needed with new Export (v. 6)

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  • Subject: [mg84276] Re: Help needed with new Export (v. 6)
  • From: dh <dh at>
  • Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2007 03:05:07 -0500 (EST)
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Hi Curtis,

the format "List" writes one number / line. As "LineTerminators" is by 

default set to new-line, you have to change this to space:

Export[FileName, Data, "List", "LineSeparators" -> " "]

hope this helps, Daniel

C.O. wrote:

> I'm taking the desperate step of doing a *bump* on this message, as

> I've yet to find an answer. Is there now a way to use "Export" to

> write a list of numbers to a file which has, say, spaces as delimeters

> rather than tabs (as in TSV) or commas (as in CSV)? I was able to do

> it easily in version 5, without doing any string manipulation.


>    I've read the documentation for v. 6's Export and CSV quite

> extensively, and am too dense to figure it out. Perhaps someone could

> post a code snippet?


>              Thanks,

>                          C.O.




> On Nov 15, 3:44 am, Curtis Osterhoudt <c... at> wrote:

>> Hi, all,


>>    In v. 5, I used a Mathematica function to import .fig files, do some

>> manipulation to them, and then export the files again. The only way I could

>> find to retain the proper formatting of the .fig files was to use the

>> ConversionOptions option in Export; the relevant part of the code is

>> something like:


>> Export[ newFileName,  myNewExpression, "CSV",

>> ConversionOptions->{"FieldSeparator" -> " "}]


>> where "CSV" was used because it somehow keptXFighappy with the results, and

>> the commas are replaced with spaces. "Table" does not work as an export

>> format, asXFigneeds single spaces between most of the exported values.


>>    It seems that the new version of Mathematica does not like

>> ConversionOptions, as the Help entry says "As of Version 6.0,

>> ConversionOptions is superseded by capabilities in Import and Export."

>>    However, I can't figure out what new capabilities might replace my old

>> behavior. Is there a quick way to fix my old function, or am I going to have

>> to go through the stream operation tango?


>>                 Thanks,

>>                              C.O.

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