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Loading Packages in a loop

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: [mg84440] Loading Packages in a loop
  • From: "Matthias Gottschalk" <mgott at>
  • Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2007 04:48:28 -0500 (EST)

I do heavy calculations repeatedly in a loop using
For this I use a package which I load.
For each pass in the loop the Kernel memory requirements
increases my 50 to 100 MB. Because of this the
calculations fail after several passes through the loop.
I came across the CleanSlate package which in principal
does what I want. It works and frees the memory.

But I can use CleanSlate only in linear code. In any block
(loop or blocks with labels and gotos) my calculations
fail because I can not reload the package successfully.
The call to CleanSlateExcept[Global`] naturally kills the
package but I can not reload the package from inside the 
loop. The call to Needs[mypackage`] runs but my functions 
are not accessible.

My code looks like this:

<< CleanSlate.m;

   $HistoryLength = 0; (* some other things to save memory 
   Unprotect[In, Out]; (* some other things to save memory 
   Clear[In, Out];     (* some other things to save memory 
   Protect[In, Out];   (* some other things to save memory 
   PackageFunktion[];           (* call my function  *)
   CleanSlateExcept["Global`"]; (* clean my context  *)
   Needs["myPackage`"],         (* reload my package *)

The first run through the loops works, the second fails in
the respect that the PackageFunktion[] is nor more found 
by the code.

I assume that this is some Context problem.

An other version of my code:

<< CleanSlate.m;


   Needs["myPackage`"]; (* load my package inside the loop 

   $HistoryLength = 0;
   Unprotect[In, Out];
   Clear[In, Out];
   Protect[In, Out];

in which I call the package from within the loop produces
the following error message and no function can be called:

PackageFunktion::shdw: "Symbol PackageFunktion appears in
multiple contexts {myPackage`,Global`} definitions in
context myPackage` may shadow or be shadowed by other

Has somebody some an idea how I can call a package from 
within a loop?
Can I avoid the "memory leak" of the Kernel by other 


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