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Re: reverse polish notation

On 2 Feb 2007, at 11:23, cap'n rye wrote:

> Is there a way to extensively use postfix notation for input in
> Mathematica? I know you can enter F[x] as x//F, but I can't seem to
> make it work for multiple arguments. For example N[Sqrt[7]] can be
> input as 7//Sqrt//N, but I can't figure out how to input N[Sqrt[7],30]
> or even Plus[3,5]. Is this type of input not really supported? Is
> there a way to work around it? Thanks for your help.

The ony way I can see of doing this is by using Sequence:



which seems to defeat the purpose of doing it in the first place. But  
you can use infix form:



which has essenitlaly the same advantages.

Andrzje Kozlowski

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