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Re: Re: Re: deleting a title or subtitle in a notebook

I suggested a much simpler (in my opinion) approach: just clicking  
anywhere in the cell that does not display a bracket and choosing  
Show Expression form the Format menu. The bracket will then appear. I  
have been using this mehtod for years. I am curious that this  
suggestion is being ignored; is there anything wrong with it?

Andrzej Kozlowski

On 27 Feb 2007, at 11:45, Murray Eisenberg wrote:

> In considering my response further, another possibility occurred to  
> me:
> You are using a notebook StyleSheet in which Title and Subtitle  
> cells do
> not display their cell brackets at all.
> In that case, you could temporarily change the Style Sheet back to a
> default style that does show those brackets, delete the cell, and then
> restore the Style Sheet you want.  Of course do this ONLY if you are
> using a saved, separate Style Sheet rather than an imported copy that
> you have modified.
> Murray Eisenberg wrote:
>> Are you saying that when, with the notebook open in the Front End,  
>> you
>> select the bracket for a cell -- whatever style the cell might be  
>> -- and
>> use Delete, the cell does not get deleted?
>> Even if, by accident, you changed the cell's properties to Not  
>> Editable
>> (in the Cell menu), Mathematica would still let you delete it.
>> Could you have changed the cell's properties using the Option  
>> Inspector
>> by any chance?  That allows you to mark the cell as not  
>> Deletable.  To
>> check on this, select the cell.  Open the Option Inspector (from Cell
>> menu, select Option Inspector).  Expand the section "Cell Options" in
>> the Option Inspector's large lower window.  Under the Cell Options
>> category, expand the "General Properties" section.   The fourth  
>> entry in
>> the expanded list will be Deletable.  See whether that is set at its
>> default value of True; if not, change it to True.  Click the Apply
>> button and close the Option Inspector.  YOu should now be able to  
>> delete
>> the cell.
>> grzz_76 at wrote:
>>> How do you delete a cell that was converted to a title or  
>>> subtitle in
>>> a Mathematica notebook? I'm astonished how difficult it is to  
>>> find the
>>> answer to this seemingly simple task!! I've tried changing the  
>>> style,
>>> using the Delete button, but nothing seems to work!
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