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Re: [TS 270]--Re:Re: [TS 48]--Re:why isn't Rational[1,2] (apparently) atomic until it is evaluated?

On Thu, 4 Jan 2007 18:00:00 UT, Tom Zeller wrote:
> I suspect for the same reason that other unevaluated expression of the
> same basic form are non-atomic, e.g.
> In[2]:= g=Blort[a,b]
> Out[2]= Blort[a,b]
> This is not an atom ...1
> In[3]:= AtomQ[g]
> Out[3]= False
> ... because it can be taken apart
> In[4]:= g[[1]]
> Out[4]= a
> In[5]:= g[[2]]
> Out[5]= b
> In[6]:= g[[0]]
> Out[6]= Blort
> Tom Zeller
> Wolfram Research Technical Support

Yea, but it just feels weird. Okay, I am out of denial now and am
beginning to cope :-]
Thank you.


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