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RE: question on Plot and Show plus Axis Labels:

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  • Subject: [mg72562] RE: [mg72555] question on Plot and Show plus Axis Labels:
  • From: "David Park" <djmp at>
  • Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2007 05:16:49 -0500 (EST)


You don't give enough information. What do your y data lists look like? I
don't understand what the Thread statement is doing. RotateLabel only
applies to Frame plots and you are using an axis plot. Are you on a Mac or
PC? RotateLabel used to not work for Mac but I don't know what the situation
is now.

One of the severe weaknesses of Mathematica graphics is that the user only
has sure control of what goes on inside the 'frame' of the plot. Outside the
frame there is only weak and indirect control. By 'outside the frame' I mean
things like tick labels, frame labels and plot labels.

David Park
djmp at

From: Gopinath Venkatesan [mailto:gopinathv at]

Objective: to plot several graphs in a single plot as well as use labels for
axis, and different colors or dashing and other styles for individual plots
to distinguish. What I want to know is what are the graphic format commands
that would work with the command "Show" (because I tried RotateLabel and its
not working with Show). Or please read the below for more details.

I have y0, y, y1, and y2 as a list of values, and first I tried to plot all
these list values using Plot (by default Plot function increments the x by
fractions but in my case it is integer, like x={0,1,..10}; It didn't work.
So I tried with ListPlot.

p0 = ListPlot[Thread[y0, x], PlotJoined -> True]
p = ListPlot[Thread[y, x], PlotJoined -> True]
p1 = ListPlot[Thread[y1, x], PlotJoined -> True]
p2 = ListPlot[Thread[y2, x], PlotJoined -> True]
Show[p0, p, p1, p2, AxesLabel -> {"x-value", "y-value"}, RotateLabel ->

And I used Show to plot all of them in a plot and tried to label the axis.

1. Problem is RotateLabel is not working with Show.
2. If I use a longer text label for axes (without RotateLabel option), the
plot size gets smaller and text is as big as plots. Some scaling operation
need to be done. no clue how to do this. Or should I change the font size of
the text. I prefer not to change the text font size and keep the plot

Please share your suggestions and any examples. Thanks

Gopinath Venkatesan
Graduate Student
University of Oklahoma

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