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Re: Nminimize: Give Initial values to Decision Variables

Hi Pratim,

if you can spezify a ringe in which the variables for the minimum lie, 

you can spezify this in the first Slot of NMInimize.E.g. assume that 

form f[x,y]= (x - 3)^2 + (y - 5)^2 it is know that xmin is in 2..4 and 

ymin in 4..6:

NMinimize[{(x - 3)^2 + (y - 5)^2, 2 < x < 4, 4 < y < 6}, {x, y}]


Pratim Vakish wrote:

>  Hello,

>  I have a nonlinear problem thta I am attemting to solve using NMinimize (NelderMead method). 

>  I would like to give "good" initial values to my decision variables say, x1, x2.

>  Is there a way (command) to do that with Mathematica?


>  Thanks,


>  Pratim



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