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MathKernel crashes

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  • Subject: [mg72798] MathKernel crashes
  • From: "nandan" <joshi.nandan at>
  • Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2007 03:08:38 -0500 (EST)


MathKernel crashes, since I use recursive function for calculation. I
have 2 of the important functions for my calculation as given below:

pi[0, \[Theta]_] := 0;
pi[1, \[Theta]_] := 1;
pi[i_, \[Theta]_]\  := pi[i, \[Theta]]  = ((2  i - 1)/(i - 1))
Cos[\[Theta]] pi[i - 1, \[Theta]] - (i/(i - 1)) pi[i - 2,\[Theta]]);
\[Tau][i_, \[Theta]_] := \[Tau][i, \[Theta]] = i Cos[\[Theta]] pi[i,
\[Theta]] - (i + 1)pi[i - 1, \[Theta]];

In this case, I can get solution to any numerical value like pi[14,
\[Pi]/3]. But quite a few times, it happened that MathKernel quitted, I
started again, but it started another processor parallel to that. Later
I wanted to calculate another function as follows:
S1Temp[i_, \[Theta]_] := ((2 l + 1)/(l (l + 1))) (an[l] pi[l, \[Theta]]
 + bn[l]  \[Tau][l, \[Theta]]);

But in this case, whenever I try to calculate S1Temp[14, \[Pi]/3], it
simply quits and, sometimes crashes. I have to always restart
Mathematica to start over again.

I do not know what is exactly going wrong. If any better solution is
possible for this recursive solution, will also be appreciated.


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