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Re: NIntegrate with change of variables (discovering also a bug in

Hey Dimitris,  That's fantastic!  However I'll run into the same problem regarding the Log function I described in another post here:  Take for example the contour for the Zeta function. On the lower leg of the contour, if I were to use:

ContourNIntegrate[z^{s-1}/(Exp[-z]-1),z->rExp[-pi i],{r,infinity,1}]

Mathematica would interpret z^(s-1) as:

z^(s-1)=Exp[(s-1)(Log[r]+pi i)] and not:

z^{s-1)=Exp[(s-1)(Log[r]-pi i)] as is required.  Any way we could configure Mathematica to make that substitution?

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