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Re: 3D interpolation

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  • Subject: [mg77523] Re: 3D interpolation
  • From: Gopinath Venkatesan <gopinathv at>
  • Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 01:16:58 -0400 (EDT)


I am also interested in 3D interpolation stuffs. But I was able to define 2D array and interpolate them with no problem. I didn't try the 3D interpolation yet. I am trying to animate my 2D problem with some little success.

For 2D interpolation, say of {x,y} data, lets say xlis is the list of all x locations, and likewise ylist, we define gridxy as given below, and the variable values to wval.

gridxy = {xlist, ylist};
funin1[xs_, yt_] = ListInterpolation[wval, gridxy, InterpolationOrder -> {6, 3}][xs, yt];

And the {6,3} is the degree of interpolation, (say 1 less than the number of total points in x and y list of data respectively).

{xs,yt} can be any point on grid or within grid points.

I tried to animate the above 2D plot with respect to time, and that's when I faced trouble. I would like others to explain how to animate without getting all the individual plots. (From some of the previous posts ->) I tried using DisplayFunction -> Identity option also, but the time taken to render them is higher. Its better if I don't use that option, and have all the plots plot, and if I double-click one of them, to start the animation. But the thing is I can only adjust one location of view for the entire array of plots using ViewPoints. After that, when the results are displayed, we cannot change (like orienting the box using mouse) the viewpoint. 

So we have to rerun the entire program just to see what is like in some other orientation.

Any advice?

University of Oklahoma

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