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RE: In other cases I have been able to see Compatibilty Guide pages

In other cases (different from IntervalRoots) there is a Compatibility Guide

For example execute


Then you get the message about the Compatibility Guide, AND IN THIS CASE the
message finishes with symbol >>. If you click the symbol >> then the
documentation center will open the Compatibility Guide for Rotations, which
can be distinguished from other documentation center pages because it uses
green colors.

Unfortunately, the symbol >> does Not appear in the same message for
IntervalRoots. Maybe they have not crated that specific compatibility page,
or maybe they forgot to link it.



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On Jun 12, 2007, at 1:20 AM, Andrew Moylan wrote:

> Sometimes Mathematica advises me to look in the compatibility guide:
> "NumericalMath`IntervalRoots` is now obsolete. The legacy version
> being loaded may conflict with current Mathematica functionality. See
> the Compatibility Guide for updating information."
> What is this compatibility guide? Needless to say, the new help system
> is of no use in locating it...

There is no "Compatibility Guide" and I wish the documentation didn't 
refer to it.

As far as I can tell whenever I get that warning the package or 
function I am using has been superseded by another in version 6 but 
it's not trivial to find the replacement.  In this case after two 
false starts, I started looking at the documentation of FindRoot 
since that's related to the function in NumericalMath`IntervalRoots`, 
in the See Also section I noticed a function named RootIntervals but 
it doesn't seem as general as the functions in IntervalRoots since it 
only works on polynomials.

Perhaps IntervalRoots is using functions internally that have been 
superseded by others and hasn't been updated yet, so the message is 
essentially harmless.



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