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Re: Background Option in LocatorPane

A bug?  The same sort of problem occurs with:

      LocatorPane[{0, 0}, Graphics[Disk[]], Background -> c],
      {c, {Pink, Green, Yellow}}]

On the other hand, iterating over a list of colors does work, e.g., in

   Manipulate[Graphics[{c, Disk[{0, 0}, 1]}], {c, {Pink, Green, Yellow}}]

as well as in:

     Graphics[Disk[], Background -> c], {c, {Pink, Green, Yellow}}]

David Park wrote:
> In the following example from LocatorPane:
> Table[
>  LocatorPane[{0, 0},
>   Graphics[{Gray, Disk[]}],
>   Background -> c,
>   ImageSize -> 100],
>  {c, {Pink, Green, Yellow}}]
> why does the background color disappear as soon as one scrolls the cell off 
> screen and back, or indeed as soon as one puts the pointer into one of the 
> LocatorPanes?

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