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3D plot with one logarithmic axes (II)

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  • Subject: [mg77785] 3D plot with one logarithmic axes (II)
  • From: "Carabe - Fernandez, Alejandro" <a.carabe at>
  • Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2007 04:02:27 -0400 (EDT)

Hello everyone, and thank you for your nice and kind help those that 
have replied to my query. Further to it I need to ask you a final 
question to fine tune the plot I am trying to produce.

The proposed solution to the question I posted is:

Clear[let, llet];
let = Exp[llet];
Plot3D[0.075 + 0.916*(1/Exp[-Exp[-0.075 2]])*0.01 let Exp[-0.01 let] + 
(1 - (1/Exp[-Exp[-0.075 2]])*0.01 let Exp[-0.01 let])*1/(0.05 t + 1), 
{t, 0, 100}, {llet, 0, =
Log[1000]},Ticks->{Automatic,ls[1,Log[1000]],Automatic},PlotPoints->25,FaceGrids->None,DefaultFont->{"HelveticaBold",18},AxesLabel->{"Time","LET", "alpha"}]

However, I am trying to get the 'let' axis with the right ticks so it matches the scale represented in the following 2D plot:

LogLinearPlot[0.075+0.916*(1/Exp[-Exp[-0.075 2]])*0.01 let Exp[-0.01 let], {let, 1, 1000},
DefaultFont->{"HelveticaBold",18},FrameLabel->{"LET (KeV/microM)","alpha"},
PlotRange->{{1,1000}, {0, 1}},

1 - The function plotted with the LogLinearPlot corresponds to the same of the 3D plot at a very specific value of t (t=infinity). As you can see, I am trying to use ticks on the 3D plot but it doesn't work. Do you 
know how could I introduce the correct 'let' scale in the 3D plot so the 
plane (LET,ALPHA) has the same scale as the one represented in the 2D 

2 - Do you know how could I change the position of the labels in each of 
the three axes?

3 - I am trying to understand how 'ticks' work but I find it very 
confusing. Do you know where could I find clear information on how to 
use the command correctly?

Thank you all very much.

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