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Re: Manipulate a complex expression

Hi Daniele,

On Jun 16, 4:04 am, Daniele <d.mal... at> wrote:
>  if I define VolumeFraction (eg. VolumeFraction=0.1) and plot
> Re[MeasuredCMF] vs. f, I have no problem.
> But I am unable to successfully do the following (I get a blank plot)
> Manipulate[
>  LogLinearPlot[
>   Evaluate[Re[MeasuredCMF]], {f, 1 10^5, 1 10^9}], {{VolumeFraction,
>    0.2}, 0.1, 0.5}]

You pretty much have it.  You just need to force Mathematica to use
the local variable from the Manipulate.  One easy way is to use
ReplaceAll to rename VolumeFraction to a temporary variable

   Re[MeasuredCMF] /. {VolumeFraction -> VolumeFraction2}], {f, 10^5,
 {{VolumeFraction2, 0.2}, 0.1, 0.5}]

Good luck!

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