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Mathematica 6 *book stylesheets* appear to be broken

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  • Subject: [mg78048] Mathematica 6 *book stylesheets* appear to be broken
  • From: "Chris Chiasson" <chris at>
  • Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007 06:47:37 -0400 (EDT)

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a new document with the textbook or compilation stylesheet.

2. Add some cells to the notebook and change them to the EquationNumbered type.

3. Insert cells of other types between the numbered equation cells in
an attempt to increase the *chapter number* of the equations to
something greater than zero.

All equations show up as being from chapter zero because no cells that
increase the chapter number are available from the menu.

Expected result:
Equations should be able to be numbered according to chapter and
equation number within the chapter. Other numbered elements, such as
figures and tables, should behave similarly.

Possible solution:
Provide the palettes needed to work with these stylesheets. Why? See
the next section.

More detailed diagnosis (includes speculation):
Both the book stylesheets depend on a stylesheet called
PublicationDefaults.nb. PublicationDefaults.nb appears to be a V6
cascading stylesheets rework of a stylesheet from Publicon called
PubliconDefaults.nb. Unfortunately, it appears that WRI forgot to
include the necessary palettes that Publicon has - or just decided the
palettes were not necessary. The palettes provide the user interface
for several features of the stylesheets including:

*citations, references:

*cross references:

*end notes:

*creating basically every cell allowed by a particular stylesheet
(though the screenshots here are for a non-book stylesheet):

Here are the styles allowed in book-type stylesheets (including chapter):

By reading the compilation stylesheet code, I learned that I could
increment the chapter number with the cell type called
BookChapterLabel. However, the stylesheet doesn't explain what I am
supposed to do with BookChapterTitle and BookChapterNumber. Perhaps
BookChapterLabel and BookChapterNumber cells are supposed to be used
inside BookChapterTitle cells. I don't know. In general, it is hard to
know how to use such a complicated stylesheet without the accompanying

In the textbook stylesheet, it is BookChapterNumber that increments
the chapter number (unlike compilation).

In[1]:= {Internal`$CreationID,$Version}
Out[1]= {853857,6.0 for Microsoft Windows (32-bit) (April 27, 2007)}


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