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Re: save as pdf in version 6

Presumably this means to have a PDF printer driver installed (but I know 
not why).

When you refer to "strike through fonts" do you mean something like a 
double-struck font, the sort of thing you'd get by typing Esc d s R Esc, 
e.g.?  On my Windows XP system where I have the Adobe PDF driver 
installed, the result of saving as PDF a notebook having such a glyph 
displays just fine when I open it in Adobe Acrobat.

Chris Chiasson wrote:
> Version 6 says it needs a printer installed in order to save a
> notebook as PDF from the File -> Save As dialog. Also, Mathematica
> does not show strike through fonts (glyphs, really) properly in the
> output PDF.
> P.S.
> Why is it necessary to have a printer installed? Is Mathematica
> pulling its PDF page size or other data from the printer settings? Can
> this be overridden?
> --

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