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Re: Data Export to Excel, Reals or now Strings?

On 6/26/07 at 4:34 AM, at (kristoph) wrote:

>I exported simulated data to manipulate it in excel. The problem
>that I have is that sometimes not always a data point  is exported
>to excel like the following:
>112535720334421513 (this is suppose to be one number)

>instead of 1.09235431125357203344215132`15.954589770191042*^-349
>which is the result calculated by Mathematica 5.2.

>I would like to import the data back to Mathematica after the
>manipulations which result in errors during calculations since some
>of the data point, like the one above are now stings and not reals.

I am fairly certain the issue here is the number being exported
is not something that can be represented as a machine number on
your system. On my system:

In[3]:= {$MinMachineNumber, $MaxMachineNumber}

Out[3]= {2.2250738585072014*^-308, 1.7976931348623157*^308}

anything outside of this range cannot be represented by a
machine number. Consequently, Mathematica has no simple and
obvious way to do what you appear to want.
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