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Re: setting variables from within NDSolve

dantimatter wrote:
> hello all,
> i have an equation that i'm trying to incorporate into NDSolve.  it's
> a piecewise function:
> D[foo[t], t] == Piecewise[{{slope,
>    foo[t] < max && (foo[t] > min || bar[t] < threshold)}}, -foo[t-t0]]
> the problem is that i want to set t0 at the time that the condition
> changes from true to false.  is there a way that i can set this
> variable from within NDSolve on the condition change only, and not
> while the system remains in the true or false state?
> thanks,
> dan

*EvenLocator* might do what you are looking for: "It is often useful to 
be able to detect and precisely locate a change in a differential 
system. For example, with the detection of a singularity or state 
change, the appropriate action can be taken, such as restarting the 
integration." See

"Built-in Functions / Advanced Documentation / Differential Equations / 
NDSolve / ODE Integration Methods / Controller methods /  EventLocator"


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