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Re: How can I automate this problem in a mathematica notebook?

tnad wrote:
> I was asked to automate the problem below in mathematica:
> I'm using a function called answer[q_] in terms of two parameters alpha and q.
> answer[q_]:= "a pretty long equation in terms of q and alpha"

If you have two parameters, you should have the two parameters define 
explicitly in the LHS of the definition of your function (otherwise that 
means that the value of second parameter depends on some global 
variable, which is poor programming practice). Define answer either as

answer[q_, alpha_]:= ...


answer[alpha_][q_]:= ...

> The maximum values of q can be obtained from this:
> Maximize[{answer[q], {0 < q < 1}}, q]

Then you use answer as in

Maximize[{answer[0.25][q], {0 < q < 1}, q]

> but obviously I need to specify a value for alpha to get a maximum value for q
> So basically I want to plot answer[q] for values of alpha between 0.25 and 1 such that q is maximum in answer[q] (maximum q will be different for a the different alpha values).
> I hope someone can tell me how to code this so that it is automated in mathematica. I'm guessing this should be an easy problem for you people :)


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