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Re: Write a computer program to using Simpson's rule

Evanescence wrote:
> Hello Dear all:
> My questions are as follows:
> First I definite as follows functions.
> B[=A3f_, =A3b_] function of =A3f, =A3b
> A[=A3f_, =A3b_] function of =A3f, =A3b
> F[=A3f_] function of =A3f
> G[=A3f_] function of =A3f
> K[=A3i_, =A3f_] function of =A3i, =A3f
> Z[=A3f_] function of =A3f
> U[=A3f_] function of =A3f
> Then I want to write a computer program about Simpson's 1/3 rule that
> can express below function
> L[=A3b_, =A3i_] :=(1/3)*((16-0)/32)*(0+4(((1/2)*K[=A3i, 1/2] )*(B[1/2,
> =A3b]*F[1/2]*(Z[1/2])+2*( A[1/2, =A3b]-B[1/2, =A3b]*G[1/2])*U[1/2]))+2
> (((1)*K[=A3i, 1] )*(B[1, =A3b]*F[1]*(Z[1])+2*( A[1, =A3b]-B[1 =A3b]*G[1])*U=
> [1]))
> +4(((3/2)*K[=A3i, 3/2] )*(B[3/2, =A3b]*F[3/2]*(Z[3/2])+2*( A[3/2, =A3b]-B[3=
> /2,
> =A3b]*G[3/2])*U[3/2]))
> +2(((2)*K[=A3i, 2] )*(B[2, =A3b]*F[2]*(Z[2])+2*( A[2, =A3b]-B[2,
> =A3b]*G[2])*U[2]))
> +=2E.......................................................................
> +(((16)*K[=A3i, 16] )*(B[16, =A3b]*F[16]*(Z[16])+2*( A[16, =A3b]-B[16,
> =A3b]*G[16])*U[16])))

You may have not noticed when you sent the email that most of the above
code is unreadable. You should try sending again the message with an
font encoding scheme such as UTF-8, or use only plain ASCII characters.


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