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RE: GUI kit basic instructions

This package works perfectly. Thank you very much I am now up and 

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You might try David Bailey's SuperWidgetPackage, which takes some of the 
pain out.

King, Peter R wrote:
> Right, I have to confess that I am completely baffled. I have read (or 
> tried to make my way through the turgid prose) the help on GUIKit trying
> to work out how to do the simplest possible thing - pop up a little
> window with a label asking for input, a field to put the numbers in and
> a button to click to enter the data in such a way that I can associate 
> that numerical value with a particular variable name in some other
> Mathematica code. I can understand how to set up different layouts and 
> so on but can I find out how to use the interface to enter simple data 
> into some code (the idea being that I can then output the results
> through the same interface).
> I would be most grateful for i) an explicit example ii)point me to the 
> right page in help iii) give me a complete alternative to doing the same
> thing.
> Also, as a suggestion, whoever wrote this sectin of the help should sit
> with someone trying to use and understand it, I'm afraid it contains
> some of the more incomprehensible writing that I have come across for a
> long time. The rest of the halp manual is generally fine with good clear
> simple examples
> Peter King

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