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Re: GUI kit basic instructions

Murray Eisenberg wrote:
> You might try David Bailey's SuperWidgetPackage, which takes some of the 
> pain out.
> King, Peter R wrote:
>> Right, I have to confess that I am completely baffled. I have read (or 
>> tried to make my way through the turgid prose) the help on GUIKit trying 
>> to work out how to do the simplest possible thing - pop up a little 
>> window with a label asking for input, a field to put the numbers in and 
>> a button to click to enter the data in such a way that I can associate 
>> that numerical value with a particular variable name in some other 
>> Mathematica code. I can understand how to set up different layouts and 
>> so on but can I find out how to use the interface to enter simple data 
>> into some code (the idea being that I can then output the results 
>> through the same interface).
>> I would be most grateful for i) an explicit example ii)point me to the 
>> right page in help iii) give me a complete alternative to doing the same 
>> thing.
>> Also, as a suggestion, whoever wrote this sectin of the help should sit 
>> with someone trying to use and understand it, I'm afraid it contains 
>> some of the more incomprehensible writing that I have come across for a 
>> long time. The rest of the halp manual is generally fine with good clear 
>> simple examples
>> Peter King
I sympathise totally with the original post!

My SuperWidgetPAckage (SWP) used to use the GUIKit to generate its Java 
windows, but now it operates independently using just Java and J/Link. 
To use the GUIKit at all, you really need some familiarity with Java - 
although the documentation doesn't say so - whereas the SWP is designed 
to use completely traditional Mathematica concepts. For example, colours 
are described using any of the traditional Mathematica methods, such as 
RGBColor. It contains boxes that are specialised to Integers, and others 
that are specialised for Reals - all the conversion and error checking 
is performed automatically. You can download it for free from my website.

David Bailey

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