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Re: 6.0 looks really nice so far.

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  • Subject: [mg75907] Re: 6.0 looks really nice so far.
  • From: Hatto von Aquitanien <abbot at AugiaDives.hre>
  • Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 05:44:19 -0400 (EDT)
  • Organization: Invisible Light
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Helen Read wrote:

> Hatto von Aquitanien wrote:
>> This is not just a feature accretion.  Mathematica 6.0 has a new UI.  I
>> have not had time to explore much, but the very simple fact that I can
>> drag a 3D
>> image around in its space with a mouse is terrific!  The help interface
>> is
>> completely reworked.  There are lots of tutorials which look potentially
>> very helpful.  There are many great new graphics features.
> I installed 6.0 last night, and started fooling around with it this
> afternoon when I was supposed to be grading final exams. Everywhere I
> look, I find cool new things to play with. "Manipulate" is fantastic,
> and having what used to be RealTime3D without loading anything will make
> a lot of my colleagues happy, as will the ability to plot a surface over
> restricted domain (a disk, say).
> They have done a great job with 6.0.
I will say this regarding things to be aware of:  it has a few "features". 
On openSUSE 10.2 (AKA THE operating system), the tool bar steals the edit
cursor, so working with it visible is almost impossible.  The notebook
converter has a very dim view of my coding style, so it changes a lot of
things.  I have already lost a bit of work.  


I've lost the ability to copy and past using Ctrl+Insert,Shift+Insert, which
is really annoying, but not a major "bug".  I can probably fix that in the
configuration, but I'm not sure how.

It looks like some of the pallets have been omitted.  I believe there was
one in 5.2 which had a lot of templates for different fields of math.  I
didn't use if frequently, but I did like to have it around.  Sometimes I
will just open something like that up and explore what it has to offer.  I
learn a lot that way.

I am currently composing a bug report on the following problem.  When
manipulating 3D graphics, X will sometimes crash.


Hopefully, they will put out incremental service patches to fix some of
these problems.

As for features I really like.  The Opacity in 3D graphics is very nice for
drawing physics diagrams.  The new arrows are nice because the allow for
the shaft to be an arc, and therefore can be used for depicting directed

Even though there are better ways of implementing a file chooser with Qt,
the new file chooser is far superior to the one in previous versions of

The syntax highlighting is nice.
Virtus Tutissima Cassis

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