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Re: Re: Compatibility woes

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  • Subject: [mg76183] Re: [mg76099] Re: Compatibility woes
  • From: Yu-Sung Chang <yusung at>
  • Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 06:05:24 -0400 (EDT)
  • Organization: Wolfram Research, Inc.
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DrMajorBob wrote:
> ColorData["Legacy", "Images"] returns an error:
My mistake. Should be "Image". Also, an interactive tool can be called 
by "Panel".
> ColorData::notprop: Images is not a known property for ColorData. Use \
> ColorData["Properties"] for a list of properties.
> And neither ColorData["Legacy"][LightGreen] nor 
> ColorData["Legacy"][PaleGreen] returns a color (RGB code).
The name should be given as a string (otherwise, there would be no point 
of having this special paclet, since they were already symbols). 
ColorData[] does not define new symbols.
> How do I Plot on a PaleGoldenrod background?
> Plot[Sin[x], {x, -Pi, Pi}, Background -> PaleGoldenrod]
Background->ColorData["Legacy", "PaleGoldenrod"]
Please remember that there are a lot of overlaps in names between color 
sets. For instance, our "Legacy" color set (derived from 
Graphics`Colors`) and "HTML" named color set share a huge number of 
names (and the defined colors are different).
>> Please refer ColorData documentation for further information. Also,
>> there is an interactive palette under "Palettes" menu, called
>> "ColorSchemes", which will display all the available colors.
> When I select "Named" and "Legacy", I get a scroll bar that's 
> unusable. I can't arrow down through the list or use the page-down 
> key, making sure that I see them all. I can't click on the slider 
> without moving too far and missing some. I can't find Blue except by 
> trial and error (even after sorting by name).
If you noticed, a palette does not steal the keyboard focus from your 
working notebook. For various reasons, but mainly because some 
functionalities (for instance, "Insert") want to know the focused 
notebook. The workaround is making shortcuts from some unassigned keys, 
but it is definitely not a pretty solution.
> When I try "paging down" in the list by clicking the control, I get 
> different results on every attempt. Sometimes the first color after 
> Azure is BlanchedAlmond. Sometimes it's BrownMadder. Et cetera.
You are clicking a slider bar. Unlike the system slider, Mathematica 
slider moves directly to the mouse position. Concerning the slider 
speed, we found that it is reasonably responsive (not too fast or not 
too slow) for many. Actually, it is up to the system mouse sensitivity 
setting, not Mathematica.

If you find that the palette is hard to use, please try 
> Nobody at Wolfram ever tried to USE this palette, it seems to me.
I understand that the scrollbar can be awkward, especially if you are 
using a touchpad. It is quite possible in the future that we add arrow 
buttons at the top and bottom for single step moves.

Also, the documentation deals with the function in great detail. Many of 
your questions are already answered in there (first few "basic" examples).


Yu-Sung Chang
Kernel Technology
Wolfram Research, Inc.

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