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Re: Using Select

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  • Subject: [mg76264] Re: Using Select
  • From: Bill Rowe <readnewsciv at>
  • Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 06:28:41 -0400 (EDT)

On 5/17/07 at 5:54 AM, mark at (Mark Coleman) wrote:

>I'm working on a small application and I'm searching for a way to
>Select a subset of rows from a list based upon a list of criteria
>chosen by the user.  Here is small (hypothetical) example. Say one
>has a data set of consisting of a list of as follows:

>{ {1,A,Blue,"Hello",10.5},{7,D,Green,"Goodbye",9.4},

>The user will specify a letter and a color and the program should
>Select[ ] the appropriate rows, e.g., if I pick Color=Blue and
>Letter = A, then it will return

>{ {1,A,Blue,"Hello",10.5},{3,A,Blue,"Hello",8.0}....}, etc.

I've created a function for my own use that does something
reasonably close to what you want but makes one assumption about
the first row of the data matrix. That is I have the first row
reserved for a set of undefined symbols that serve as names for
the fields in each data record. Here, I am equating any row > 1
with data record and field with each column.

I've used this with data files with as much as 20-50 fields and
on the order of 100,000 records. As far as I know there is no
limit to how large a data set can be handled except for memory constraints.

code follows:

SelectRows::usage = "SelectRows[data,rows] returns the specified
rows retaining the first row. Rows can either be specified as a
list of row numbers to be returned or a list of {symbol,values}
pairs. If this syntax is used, the rows returned have the
specified values in the column headed by symbol. This form is
intended to select on more than one column and does a Boolean
AND. For example, SelectRows[data,{{a,2},{b,1}}] selects rows of
data where the value of column a is 2 AND the value of column b
is 1.

SelectRows[data,column,values] returns a list of rows contining
values in column retaining the first row.";



SelectRows[data : {__List}, name_Symbol, value_?NumericQ] :=
  Module[{c = Position[First[data], name][[1, 1]]},
   Join[{First[data]}, Select[Rest[data], (value == #[[c]]) &]]]

SelectRows[data : {__List}, name_Symbol, value_] :=
  Module[{c = Position[First[data], name][[1, 1]]},
   Join[{First[data]}, Select[Rest[data], (value === #[[c]]) &]]]


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