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[6] LinearAlgebra`MatrixManipulation` LinearEquationsToMatrices [Where to find, missing in 6.0, what to replace with?]

I have 5.2 code which loads  LinearAlgebra`MatrixManipulation` and used 
This seems to have gone out of 6.0.
No mention in the documentation center about it or what to use in place of 
Yet, when I ignore the warning:

"General::obspkg:LinearAlgebra`MatrixManipulation` is now obsolete. The 
legacy version being loaded may conflict with current Mathematica 
functionality. See the Compatibility Guide for updating information."

It still seems to work.

But If I comment away this package, LinearEquationsToMatrices
 will ofcourse not be there and the code will not work.

What Am I supposed to do?

I think Mathematica 6 should have done a better job when it comes to these 
issues. There should be a table listing each affected function and what to 


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