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Re: Sudden shutdown of Mathematica. No error messages, no traces, no warning. Mathematica just disappears from desktop

On May 21, 4:56 am, "Lev Bishop" <lev.bishop+mathgr... at>
> On 5/20/07, Nasser Abbasi  wrote:
> > I've noticed this now more than one time. I would say this has happened to
> > me about 5-6 times already since I started using Mathematica 6 which is
> > about 2 weeks now.
> > This is what happens: I'll be working on an open notebook, and do something,
> > for example, just now, I went to do SAVE AS to save the notebook.
> > Mathematica would just disappear in split second.
> > No errors, nothing. I look and it is just gone. All windows gone. No traces.
> > I have to restart Mathematica.
> > And I just lost all my work for the last 30 minutes.
> Yes, I've seen this behaviour. About once every couple days. It's
> somewhat strange but it's one of the more innocuous ways that
> mathematica can misbehave for me:
> Kernel crashes with microsoft error dialog but frontend still working:
> This happens several times a day (or almost 100% of the time I
> evaluate certain problematic statements eg: CoefficientArrays[{{z^3}},
> z, Symmetric -> True] -- I reported that one to WRI against 5.2 but
> it's still in 6.0)
> Kernel shuts itself down with an out-of-memory message:
> This happens frequently for certain calculations using moderately
> large sparse arrays, but I wouldn't think they were *that* large,
> given that I have 2Gb of RAM, and I can sometimes get away with
> processing arrays that are 10 times bigger. (I already have
> $HistoryLength=0).
> Frontend crashes with microsoft error dialog: 2 or 3 times a day.
> Annoying if you haven't saved recently.
> Mathematica shuts down without any warning or error message, just
> poof: gone, as you described: one every 2 days.
> Mathematica gets itself into a tight loop and doesn't respond to Abort
> requests, needs to be killed from the task manager -- usually only
> happens when there's a mistake in my code. With 5.2 would happen a
> couple times a day while I was developing, but otherwise almost never.
> With 6.0 I haven't been writing so many new routines so far, so I
> haven't seen this problem yet. Maybe it's fixed.
> Mathematica gets itself into a tight loop, doesn't respond to Abort
> requests, starts thrashing the pagefile so hard that the computer
> becomes unusable and has to be hard-reset. Saw this every couple of
> weeks with 5.2, seen it once so far with 6.0 (in one week of use).
> Mathematica crashes while saving and corrupts the notebook you were
> working on. (Hope you had a recent backup) Saw this 4 or 5 times with
> 5.2, thankfully not so far with 6.0.
> Lev

I too have had this problem several times

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