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Re: Style sheet primer

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  • Subject: [mg76645] Re: Style sheet primer
  • From: Helen Read <read at>
  • Date: Fri, 25 May 2007 06:31:28 -0400 (EDT)
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John Fultz wrote:
> I've been thinking about how to address the stylesheet issues.  

Thanks for the extremely helpful post.

> * MenuCommandKey - This option applies to styles and allows you to set the 
> command key for a style to be "1"-"9".  The command-key assignments are no 
> longer order-sensitive.  However, for the moment, conflict management is=
>  left up 
> to you.  The behavior of a stylesheet with multiple styles assigned to the=
>  same 
> MenuCommandKey is undefined.

This was particularly helpful. I have now set MenuCommandKey->None for 
both Code and Input, and assigned 8 and 9 to two of my own styles. (I 
have never really seen a need for a keyboard shortcut for Input, given 
that it's the default new cell style.)

This is much nicer than what I had to do in 5.2, which was to physically 
put my styles in a different place in the stylesheet so that they were 
assigned a shortcut, and until reading your post I had not figured out a 
way to do it at all in 6.0.

> By using inherited stylesheets, you are now inheriting from the 
> canonical stylesheet. If you make a stylesheet which inherits from 
> Default.nb in 6.0, and then open the notebook in Mathematica 7, it
> will inherit the Mathematica 7 stylesheet, and any new features in
> that stylesheet.


> So here's a few of the interesting implications of the new mechanism which
> may not be immediately obvious...
> * Embedded stylesheets are now very small and manageable.

I had already noticed that my notebooks with an embedded stylesheet are 
much smaller than they used to be. I just now tried saving a notebook 
with my new 6.0 stylesheet (and nothing else in the notebook itself), 
and it's only 5 KB. I did the same thing with my old 5.2 stylesheet 
embedded, and the file is 22 KB. So the new embedded stylesheet is 
contributing very little to the size of the file, compared with the old 
way. (For comparison, a blank notebook with the Default stylesheet is 1 KB.)

Helen Read
University of Vermont

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