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Re: String to List

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  • Subject: [mg76989] Re: String to List
  • From: David Bailey <dave at>
  • Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 03:26:07 -0400 (EDT)
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King, Peter R wrote:
> I have a string which in general looks something like
>  a="{x,16,x,1T,x}"
> In other words it looks like a list with a mixture of characters and
> numbers and so on. I want to pick out the individual elements of this
> (using the commas as delimiters)
> Clearly a[[1]] etc doesn't mean anything
> I can do b=ToExpression[a] and I get a list so b[[1]] is x  and
> b[[2]]=16 (that is the number sixteen but I can convert this back into =
> a
> string with ToString. The problem is b[[4]] which ToExpression turns
> into T as it thinks I mean 1 x T.
> So I would appreciate help with either
> i) converting my original string to a list as I would like
> Or
> Ii) stopping the evaluation of 1T into T so that I can get the string 1T
> (The only thought I had was to step through the original string
> character by character telling it to put the characters into different
> elements of a list each time  I pass a comma, but this looked a bit
> cumbersome).
> Many thanks,
> Peter King
StringSplit will break your string into a list of strings:

StringSplit["{x,16,x,1T,x}", ","]

You can then access the elements of the list in the ordinary way.

David Bailey

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