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Re: Mac OS X 10.5 - Mathematica 5.1 hangs - 6.0 works?

On Nov 12, 10:15 am, Marc Heusser
<marc.heus... at byeheusser.commercialspammers.invalid> wrote:
> I have Mathematica 5.1. After the upgrade of Mac OS X to 10.5 (Leopard)
> it seems to hang forever when I start it, using 95%+ of CPU time.
> Is it not compatible? And is version 6.0 compatible?
> I could not easily find the information on Wolfram's website.

I can't comment on Mathematica 5.1 but I have Mathematica 6.0
installed on Leopard and it seems to be fine except for an error
installing the Notebook Indexer. I say seems to be fine since I am not
a Mathematica user, just someone who has to check stuff like whether
or not Mathematica installs and launches OK as part of their job. If
it installs and launches without spewing errors I assume it's OK
unless someone complains.

When I first ran Mathematica I was asked whether I wanted to install
the  Wolfram Notebook Indexer plugin for Spotlight. I said yes and the
installer did it's stuff then told me:

The following install step failed: run postinstall script for Wolfram
Notebook Indexer. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.

According to the logs it tried to /System/Library/Frameworks/
and that doesn't exist. lsregister exists but it's at /System/Library/
I suspect the plugin isn't working but can't be bothered to try and
workout how to test that. Can't find any references to the issue as
yet, I was looking to see if there were any on this group.


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