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Re: Plotting Points with Labels

>  The labels are shifted to the right (+x direction) of the respective points
>  by the value of "shiftText."
>  Is there a better (or more succinct) way of doing this?

If you wish to see it on the screen, you may be happy with 

   Tooltip[{ElementData[i, "Density"], ElementData[i, 
    ElementData[i, "Abbreviation"], LabelStyle -> {Large}], 
{i, 1,
    100}], BaseStyle -> {Large, FontFamily -> "Helvetica",
    PointSize[0.025]}, PlotMarkers -> Automatic,
  AxesLabel -> {"Density", "Bulk Modulus"}, PlotLabel -> "MKS 
  ImageSize -> Full]

For printing:
There is something in the documentation for Annotation about 
Export and ToolTip, but I haven't tried that yet.

Another choice for printing may be to use Translate on 
a list graphics primitives created from text.

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