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Re: Re: Install problem, 6.0, Mac OS 10.4.10: No kernel connect?

On 3 Oct 2007, at 15:21, AES wrote:

> So, with all the brainpower and sophistication at Wolfram, is it that
> they didn't test it on OS 10.4 MacBooks?  Or that they knew about this
> problem, but just didn't bother to warn us?  Or that they just  
> couldn't
> be bothered to add a Read Me on the CD or the installer that would  
> say,
> "Would be a good idea to remove 5.1 first, before installing -- and
> here's how to do it?" (when did I last get a piece of software that
> didn't have such a Readme?).

Your problem seems very strange. I am still using my old PowerBook G4  
with the same operating system as you (but, of course, the PowerPC  
version). I have Mathematica 4.2, Mathematica 5.1, Mathematica 5.2  
and Mathematica 6.01 installed at the same time and they all coexist  
without any conflict. Of course our hardware being different, this  
still leaves the possibility that somehow they mamage to conflict on  
Intel Macs but not on PowerPC Macs, but if its so I think you can  
hardly expect Wolfram to guess it. To prevent this situation they  
would have to install combinations of different versions of  
Mathematica on every possible kind of hardware and every operating  
system - hardly an efficient way to use their time.

> Of course, these gripes are all minor, compared to the whole "No  
> printed
> introductory manual or book" subject that's been extensively discussed
> on this group previously.  That decision is beyond belief -- all  
> one can
> do is just ask again:  **What the h-ll went wrong at Wolfram, that led
> to that decision**?

Maybe it just takes time to do that. Do you think that the release of  
version 6 should have been delayed until someone wrote a suitable  
book, however long that might take? I assume that Stephen Wolfram  
himself (officially the sole author of the original Mathematica book)  
has other things to do nowadays, and in any case, I doubt that the  
Front End is exactly his forte.  I, for one, am not surprised by the  
fact that there is no such book as yet. I am sure some, perhaps quite  
many, books will appear soon and I am equally sure none of them will  
attempt to emulate the original Mathematica Book.

Andrzej Kozlowski

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