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Re: Mathematica 3DPlot Making Objects

On Oct 17, 5:10 pm, James <NightWolf... at> wrote:
> Im trying to make an object like an animal using the 3DPlot equations in mathematica, can anyone help me?

You mean something like this? (From the documentation of

g = ExampleData[{"Geometry3D", "Cow"}, "GraphicsComplex"];

  With[{f = ColorData[RandomChoice[ColorData["Gradients"]]]},
     g /. GraphicsComplex[v_, r__] :>
       GraphicsComplex[v, r,
        VertexColors -> ({Specularity[White, 30], f[#[[1]] + .5]} & /@
            v)]}, Lighting -> "Neutral", Boxed -> False,
    Background -> GrayLevel[.15], ImageSize -> 150]], {3}, {3}]

Hope this helps,

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