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Re: check inside a loop?

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  • Subject: [mg80828] Re: [mg80736] check inside a loop?
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  • Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2007 06:15:39 -0400 (EDT)
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For the specific example you posted, first using f[x_]=  rather then f[x_]:=
forces Mathematica to evaluate the right hand side of the definition at the
time of definition of f, and it is replaced by Csc[x] which does not return
an error message. It returns ComplexInfinity without the message. In
addition, use Pi with capital P
Next, For and Do loops DO NOT return values. you need to use some sort of
breaking mechanism or collect the values of i when the error is generated,
for example, Catch and Throw (breaks at the first error) or Reap and Sow
(collect all errors)

Reap[Do[If[Check[f[i], "zzz"] == "zzz", Sow[i]], {i, 0, 2,
    1/4}]] // Rest

Catch[Do[If[Check[f[i], "zzz"] == "zzz", Throw[i]], {i, 0, 2, 1/4}]]


On 8/31/07, Jeremy Price < cfgauss at> wrote:
> I have a large loop that is ndsolving/nintegrating a bunch of things, and
> a
> lot of the results give me various errors due to the equations not being
> very nice.  I'd like to have a way to check what values of my paramaters
> are
> causing the errors, but I can't find a way to do that inside a loop.
> For example, if I have something like,
> f[x_] = 1/Sin[2 pi x]
> For[ i=1, i < 1000, i++,
> f[i]
> ]
> I'm going to get a lot of "Power::infy: Infinite expression 1/0
> encountered." errors.  I'd like to see what values of i these occur at.
> I've tried something like
> For[ i=1, i<1000, i++,
> Check[ f[i] , i]
> ]
> But this just returns "Power::infy: Infinite expression 1/0 encountered."
> errors without the i vaule, which is different than I get by evaluating
> something like
> Check[ f[0],0]
> Which returns:
> Power::infy: Infinite expression 1/0 encountered.
> 0
> Is there any way I can get it to return the index that the error occured
> at
> for every error that occurs inside of the loop?

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