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Problem with inverse laplace transform (FIX)


   I am very sorry that my function wasn't in my mail at first time. I 
am a new user of Mathematica, and want to get the following inverse 
Laplace transform problem:

   I have 3 parameters h,m,n. Parameters m and n are integers. I tried 
to find inverse Laplace transform of function:
InverseLaplaceTransform[-1/h - ((((-h+p)/(h+p))^(m-2n)) * (h+p)^2)  /  

*-*-*-*-*- Mathematica code *-*-*-*-*

\!\(InverseLaplaceTransform[\(-\(1\/h\)\) - \(\((\(\(-h\) + p\)\/\(h + 
\^\(m - 2\ n\)\ \((h + p)\)\^2\)\/\(h\ \((h - p)\)\ p\), p, x]\)


but mathematica can not give me an answer. Can it be solved by 

Thank you very much!


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