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Re: Solving system of differential integral algebraic equations in Mathematica!

On Sep 20, 2:59 am, pradeep <prad... at> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have trouble getting Mathematica to solve my Integro-Differential
> system of equations with either NDSolve or FindRoot. I have a system of
> equations that include a differential, an algebraic and an integral
> equation. Is there any command that can solve this system
> simultaneously?? This can probably be solved by rewriting the equations
> using discretization but i wanted to know if Mathematica could solve it
> in a more elegant way.
> PLz let me know,
> Thanks in advance!
> Pradeep

I have used NDSolve to solve DAE's (Differential-Algebraic Equations)
of index 1, but solving DAE's is an ugly speciality all its own and
require a lot more work than ODE's. I suggest reading Brenan, K.E., et
al, "Numerical Solution of Initial-Value Problems in Differential-
Algebraic Equations," #14 Classics in Applied Mathematics, 1996, SIAM.

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